Homeworthy Inspection Systems

A Practical Approach To Complexity.

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The Homeworthy Inspection System brings together the synergy of professionals for a reliable, robust and accurate property inspection experience. It is a one stop solution that ticks all the boxes. The mobile application system is designed for inspectors, certifiers, builders, engineers and individuals. Record, store property inspection information and generate reports electronically while on-site.

  • Agency

    Free registration and 5 free reports for any inspection Agency. Sign up, set up your inspector accounts, download the app, sign in and start your inspections. Each agency has access to their admin panel to manage inspectors, reports and flexible report pack top up options tailored for their inspection frequency.

  • Tenant

    Free registration as a tenant via the application. Only pay $9.99 as an in-app purchase for a single inspection.Ideal for home buyers to do a pre-purchase inspection.Choose from a range of essential inspections such as tenant entry and exit condition reports, landlord entry and exit condition report as well as periodic condition report.


Inspection Criteria Checklist

Fill out the compulsory information related to the inspection you are undertaking. All data input will be presented when your Homeworthy Report is generated.

Photo Capture

Capture photos or import from gallery as supporting evidence of your inspection findings.


Auto-Save & Cloud Storage

You will never have to worry about losing entered data as the application auto-saves all data entry points. All completed inspector reports are backed up to cloud and accessible via the agency admin panel.

Report Generator

Preview the inspection report before generating. Hit generate to authenticate a completed inspection.

Getting Started

Getting Started
Getting Started

Check out our easy to use starter guide. Complete with detailed instructions and screenshots, this walkthrough will help you to start generating reports efficiently.

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